About Hiber

Founded in 2017, Hiber is pioneering the transformation of the internet from flat 2D experiences into immersive, interconnected, and persistent 3D worlds. Our mission is to accelerate this shift by lowering the barriers to both creation and participation, enabling billions of people to join in.

At the heart of our innovation is Hiber3D, the most powerful 3D engine for the web. This lightweight engine, built in C++, supports WebGL 1.0, WebGL 2.0, and WebGL hardware acceleration, ensuring top performance across all major mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers, as well as native apps, PCs, and consoles. Hiber3D enables creators of all skill levels to develop high-end, immersive games and experiences with its no-code creation tools and the advanced Hiber Development Kit (HDK) for React developers.

Hiber3D comes with a comprehensive suite of services right out of the box, including multiplayer, advanced physics, extensive asset libraries, avatar integration, instant publishing options, web3 and e-commerce rails. The Hiber3D engine is designed for rapid development, allowing creators to focus on bringing their visions to life without being slowed down by technical constraints.

Hiber3D powers HiberWorld, a dynamic community where over 1.2 million creators have developed more than 6 million unique 3D worlds. This thriving ecosystem showcases the versatility and power of Hiber3D, delivering smooth, detailed graphics and engaging gameplay across a range of devices.

Hiber is backed by a range of top investors in consumer technology, gaming, and blockchain, including EQT Ventures, Luminar Ventures, Konvoy Ventures, CMT Digital, Dreamcraft Ventures, SYBO, and others.