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A use case that’s close to our hearts, and perhaps the best example of scaling with the Hiber3D engine, yet.

The UGC platform HiberWorld, built on the Hiber3D engine, is a standout example of its versatility. The platform has grown to become a thriving worldwide community where over 1.2 million creators and hundreds of thousands of MAU come together to build and share in more than 6 million unique worlds. All of this happens right in the browser, with each and every world embeddable on any website. From quick and casual games to expansive environments, HiberWorld underscores just how flexible and powerful the Hiber3D engine is, and its ability to deliver smooth, detailed graphics and gameplay across a range of devices.


Amsterdam Open Air

The brilliant team at creative agency KOKOKAKA are no strangers to the Hiber3D engine. Most recently, they employed it to create an immersive, gamified experience for the Amsterdam Open Air festival. This virtual space is an interactive playground where every corner offers unique access to the festival. Highlights included ticket prizes, early access to the timetable, and a detailed exploration of festival layouts, art, and merchandise. Visitors were invited to explore exclusive content available before, during, and after the festival. Users experienced the vibrant heart of AOA from wherever they were, all powered by the flexibility and capability of the Hiber3D engine.


Gothenburg Island Festival

Powered by the Hiber3D engine, the Gothenburg Island Festival demonstrates the engine's robust capabilities in transforming traditional events into immersive virtual experiences. Driven by Goteborg & Co in collaboration with the innovative team at KOKOKAKA, the Hiber3D engine was chosen to digitize Gothenburg’s 400-year Jubilee celebrations. The project involved converting the city’s lively Ö-Festen into a vibrant 3D environment that mirrored the unique atmosphere of Gothenburg’s Ringön district. By utilizing the Hiber3D Development Kit, KOKOKAKA developed interconnected 3D worlds that creatively fused the historical and modern facets of Gothenburg. The result was an engaging virtual festival that allowed global audiences to explore Gothenburg's culture through art exhibitions, live-streamed performances, and interactive mini-games, demonstrating the ability of Hiber3D to integrate 3D visualization with multimedia elements.