Transform Images into 3D Worlds With Hiber’s Latest AI

Google Next Reveal Shows Results of Collaboration Between Hiber and Google Cloud to Enable 3D World Creation with Image Prompts with SkyScape AI.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden – April 11, 2024 – Today at Google Cloud Next ‘24 in Las Vegas, Hiber unveils SkyScape AI, a tool designed to turn static images into immersive 3D skyboxes, marking a new step in 3D world creation.

SkyScape AI, which is currently in alpha, has been developed in partnership with Google Cloud and is powered by Gemini models through Vertex AI. It automatically turns any image into an interactive 3D world which can then be explored and built upon, while instantly connecting to a network of almost 6 million worlds.

“Hiber’s vision is to provide escapism through creative possibilities along with the possibility to visit any place, imaginary or real. With this we are one step closer to that vision and dare I say one step closer to the holodeck.” said Mattias Johansson, Co-founder and CIO at Hiber.

Having released the World Creator AI earlier this year, Hiber continues to deliver on its AI 

feature roadmap, all of which will be housed within the Hiber3D Co-Pilot™ tool-kit. The step by step release of this AI tool-kit bolsters Hiber’s mission to democratize 3D world creation for the masses. To date the company has tackled this challenge with its creator tools – the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK), a coding toolkit for the millions of React developers and professionals around the world, and a no-code tool for consumers, which has resulted in almost 6 million 3D worlds created on the UGC hub HiberWorld. Supporting these creator tools is the lightweight Hiber3D game engine which has the power to target any device with a web browser, with an in-built set of services for creators.

For the past few months users have been able to access the World Creator AI in alpha on the HiberWorld platform. The tool was released to all users in January, following a period in pre-alpha when over 10,000 early access members signed up for the opportunity to test and give feedback on the technology. The World Creator AI now contributes to 5% of all published worlds on HiberWorld, and over 70 thousand prompts have been entered. 

Now, with the release of SkyScape AI, Hiber is offering everyone the opportunity to test its static image to skybox creator while in alpha. 

“We are inviting our community to guide our innovation. With SkyScape, we’re not just iterating on technology; we’re co-creating the future of digital environments and we believe that early feedback will redefine what’s possible,” said Mattias Johansson, Co-founder and CIO at Hiber.Try SkyScape AI today, and join a community that is shaping the future of 3D world creation.

New Game Modes with the Hiber3D Engine

The new updates include Flying, Vehicles, 1st person, Sidescrollers, and Matches all available now.

Gothenburg, Sweden – March 15th, 2024 In a notable enhancement to the platform, HiberWorld has recently rolled out major updates offering users enriched experiences in both play and create mode. The 2024 update has introduced eagerly awaited game modes with new perspectives and difficulties, catering to the demands of the growing user base.

HiberWorld, a web-based, free-to-use platform features a no-code creation tool that allows its growing worldwide community to find their audience, show off their creations, with the opportunity to monetize on the horizon.

The platform currently hosts over 5.5 million user created worlds with creations spanning across a mix of hangouts, platformers, and shooters. The team behind HiberWorld has recently ramped up in-house production to introduce features including Flying, Vehicles,1st person, Tank shooters, Sidescrollers, and Matches, with the latter now opening the possibility for all worlds on the platform to be turned into synchronized competitions.

The new game modes and possibilities for creators have met the demands of HiberWorld’s worldwide community. Once given access to vehicles, the users created over 1000 racing worlds in less than a week. HiberWorld’s latest updates demonstrate an astute understanding of community feedback and commitment to evolving the platform in tandem with its user growth.

“Our goal at HiberWorld goes beyond simply expanding our offerings; it’s about unlocking endless creative possibilities for our users.” said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber. “We believe that variety is the cornerstone of creativity, and by introducing diverse modes, we’re not just offering new ways to play and create — we’re opening doors to innovation. We can’t wait to see what our users will come up with!”

Test out the new game modes on HiberWorld today:
1st Person



HiberWorld is powered by the Hiber3D engine which became accessible to developers in 2023 through the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK) designed for React developers. This has enabled creators to publish their worlds on the HiberWorld platform using either the intuitive no-code tool or HDK, with the added capability of embedding these worlds on any website. Hiber has been demonstrating what HDK is capable of with its HiberLabs series – a collection of worlds covering a range of genres from halloween thrillers, turbo goal (vehicle football), hover car racers, snowboarders, and the hugely popular sumo cars (vehicle wrestling) and sidescroller series. Watch Video for Side Scrollers

In a stride to further democratize 3D world creation, Hiber introduced the much-anticipated AI World Creator in January. Currently in alpha testing, this tool is now available to all HiberWorld users, inviting them to explore and experiment with its capabilities. Experience the AI World Creator today.

Hiber Unveils Generative AI at Google Next

Google Next Reveal Shows Results of Collaboration Between Hiber, Datatonic and Google Cloud to Enable 3D World Creation Through Natural Language Prompts

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Sep 8, 2023 – Hiber AB, the company behind the Hiber3D tech stack, have announced the introduction of generative AI to their creation tools. Hiber’s mission is to lower the barriers to participation in the 3D web. To date the company has tackled this challenge with its creator tools – the Hiber3D Development Kit, a coding toolkit for the millions of React developers and professionals around the world, and a no-code tool for consumers, which has resulted in more than 5 million 3D worlds created on the UGC hub HiberWorld.

Supporting these creator tools is the cutting-edge, lightweight Hiber3D engine which has the power to target any device with a web browser with an in-built set of services to creators.

“Along with our Hiber3D engine, we have a set of services that support creators, including multiplayer, chat, identity, payment rails, and commerce connections. And now we are going further. By uniting generative AI with these services, we’re set to evolve our offering into a living creation platform,” said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber AB.

Last week at Google Cloud Next ‘23 in San Francisco, Hiber unveiled the outcome of a collaboration with Datatonic and Google Cloud. Hiber has integrated Datatonic and Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions with Hiber3D, enabling creators to use natural language to enhance the experience of crafting 3D worlds.

“While we have seen a very high percentage of creators thanks to the accessibility of our current creator tools, one of the challenges users have faced over the years is knowing where to begin when facing a blank canvas. Our hypothesis was that if users could express what they want to create using natural language, it would help them overcome this hurdle and unleash their creative power. We can’t wait to see what our users will create when we start rolling this out in the coming months.”

The technical process, enabled by Google Cloud technologies and AI algorithms, leverages the massive amount of 3D world creation data Hiber has on its platform, ensuring that the Hiber team and partner, Datatonic, can utilize Google Cloud Run and PaLM large language models to deliver a unique solution to users looking to utilize language to generate 3D worlds.

“Collaborating with Hiber on this journey has been an amazing experience so far. Enabling end users to generate 3D worlds and assets using large language models is one of the most innovative and exciting use cases that generative AI can be applied to, and working with Hiber and Google Cloud made it happen.” Antonio Nieto García, Senior Data Scientist , Datatonic.

“When this solution is rolled out to production and goes live in the coming months, users will be able to exploit PaLM text and embedding capabilities beyond imaginable limits.” Alvaro Azabal, Generative AI Technical Lead, Datatonic.

“By collaborating with Hiber and Datatonic, we are able to unlock even more capabilities of real-time generative AI so that players can experience worlds the way they want and imagine them to be,” said Jack Buser, Director, Google Cloud, Games.

The integration with generative AI is set to continue with Hiber’s long term roadmap featuring a co-pilot solution which would see users offered the support of an AI assistant that can not only create on prompt but offer live and informed suggestions to facilitate the creation process. 

Apart from its growing community of creators, Hiber3D has caught the attention of brands looking to expand their virtual presence and invest in their innovation roadmap. In July of this year, luxury fashion label Tommy Hilfiger, chose Hiber3D to create Tommy Parallel – an interoperable virtual universe for its community. The Tommy Parallel experience which is hosted on HiberWorld, features a phygital fashion collection designed by The Fabricant and invites users to explore the space with Ready Player Me avatars styled in Tommy Hilfiger wearables. Over the course of the first month of the campaign, visitors to the experience on HiberWorld spawned over 1.2 million Tommy Parallel digital wearables when entering the space.

To learn more about the Hiber3D and sign up for early access to the AI integration visit