Content Creator Policy

Hiber is very supportive and appreciative of the creator community and the efforts of those looking to create and produce content surrounding and pertaining to the Hiber and platforms. We hereby grant the right to produce (“Creator Content”) which may include videos, footage, music, audio, 3D assets, and any other assets from Hiber’s platforms (“Hiber’s Content”), under the following conditions, limitations and caveats. Any content produced from our copyrighted materials may be subject to additional licenses where you may need to obtain a direct license from the creator to ensure you are compliant with international copyright laws. For instance, we may have music that is available to add to games on the site, but that license may not extend to the creation of videos of a particular game.

Some platforms like YouTube, have an approved library of music that you can apply to your videos to ensure you are compliant with any license to the music. But, it is your sole responsibility, not Hiber’s, to ensure you have the licenses you need, and Hiber is in no way responsible for any damages or harm suffered from producing Creator Content using Hiber Content.

In general, we require that any Creator Content not be used for commercial purposes, however we also grant the right for YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, TikTok and Instagram influencers, etc. to monetize the content they produce using advertising, as long as the ads do not promote competitors, or create confusion where a consumer might mistake the content for being officially released by Hiber, or the advertisements and advertisers or brands to be approved or endorsed by Hiber.

As a content creator, we grant you the right to create streams, videos, memes, and screenshots, using Hiber’s Content, and to distribute them on your social channels or website, or on other social channels or websites where viewers can view your content.

However, to protect the image of our brand and platforms, Hiber requires that Creator Content complies with the following general rules, in both spirit and meaning: You may not use Hiber Content to make personal attacks, harass, witch hunt, promote sexism, racism or hate speech, politics, religion, sex, nudity, or to incite violence, self-harm and other disturbing subjects that aren’t in the positive spirit of Hiber and its goals of inclusion, safety and fun. Creating such content may result in Hiber needing to terminate your right to distribute the content, which Hiber may do without notice, or liability to the creator.

In addition to the rules above, there may be circumstances where Hiber may terminate your right to distribute the content, again, which Hiber may do without notice, or liability to the creator.

If you have specific questions or find any part of this policy unclear, please feel free to contact us at:

[Updated: May 21 , 2024)