Hiber and Smash Into Pieces Collaborate to Pioneer a 3D Music World, Powered by Hiber3D

Revolutionizing Music Engagement: Hiber and Smash Into Pieces Unveil Arcadia, the First 3D Music World Powered by Hiber3D

Gothenburg, Sweden – June 27th, 2023 –  Hiber, creators of 3D web tech Hiber3D and popular virtual experience platform HiberWorld, in partnership with the Swedish cinematic rock group, Smash Into Pieces, today announce the release of Arcadia, a pioneering virtual music world that intends to revolutionize audience engagement in the music industry. Visit Arcadia

Arcadia, Smash Into Pieces

Hiber3D, which released last month, is built to accelerate the adoption of the 3D web by unlocking the potential for artists, brands, and creators to build a virtual presence quickly and easily. Hiber3D features easy-to-use creator tools that cater to all levels of expertise, including a no-code tool for consumers and the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK) for professionals. Virtual worlds created with Hiber3D can be embedded directly onto any website, and can simultaneously connect to nearly 5 million worlds on the HiberWorld platform, while the lightweight Hiber3D engine can target all devices without compromising on performance or quality.

Smash Into Pieces, the Swedish rock group renowned for their fusion of futuristic aesthetics and apocalyptic themes, as well as their cinematic mini-series “ARCADIA WORLD,” consistently push the boundaries to captivate their global fan base. Now, in collaboration with Hiber, Smash Into Pieces invite their dedicated ‘SMASH HEADS’ fan-base to experience this first-of-its-kind 3D music world.

With the power of Hiber3D, fans of Smash Into Pieces will be transported into Arcadia , an immersive world designed to reflect the band’s dynamic style and aesthetic. Arcadia serves as an interactive hub where fans can engage with the band, their music, artistry, and merchandise as well as curated gamified experiences that can be used to unlock exclusive access or items. For this release, eagle eyed fans of Smash Into Pieces will be able to access a teaser of an upcoming single located somewhere in Arcadia.

“How we might connect with each other in the future has been a huge theme in our band, and this project with Hiber lets us bring the Arcadia World concept to life,” said Chris Adam, the lead singer of Smash Into Pieces. “This is a new way to push ourselves creatively and engage our amazing fans, and we’re pumped to see everyone in Arcadia soon!” 

In addition to the 3D music world, this collaboration will introduce “verch” – or virtual merch, a concept that establishes an entirely new revenue stream for artists. Verch allows fans to enhance their digital identities by owning unique and collectible digital items associated with their favorite artists, redefining the fan experience and taking brand affinity into the 3D web. By pioneering this integration of music and commerce within the 3D web, Hiber3D not only provides an opportunity to transform fan engagement, but also creates a new platform for brand recognition and revenue generation. Visitors to Arcadia will be able to purchase Smash Into Pieces verch for their avatars which they can then use in over 8000+ platforms and apps as they move their identity through the interoperable 3D web.

“This collaboration with Smash Into Pieces signifies a major milestone for music artists. By harnessing the power of Hiber3D, musicians can forge direct connections with their audience and unlock new avenues for engagement and monetization,” said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber. “At the same time, this collaboration revolutionizes the traditional music landscape by allowing fans to access their favorite musicians in a new way. It’s a paradigm shift that empowers artists to take control of their own brand and offers fans an unparalleled level of intimacy and interaction.”

By integrating the band’s artistic vision with Hiber’s cutting-edge technology, this collaboration marks a monumental milestone as the first-ever implementation of a 3D immersive music showroom which has the potential to redefine the music industry’s digital landscape, allowing fans and artists to transcend traditional experiences and explore uncharted territories of entertainment.

Visit Arcadia on HiberWorld
Visit Arcadia directly on the Smash Into Pieces website.
Look at the code used to create this world in our
HDK documenation.

About Smash Into Pieces:

The Swedish cinematic rock outfit SMASH INTO PIECES, have since the release of their third album ‘Rise And Shine’, grown to become a well known international brand within the rock community. Being part of the force surrounding the group since the beginning, their mystical leader and apocalyptic looking drummer APOC is probably the most eye-catching member of the group.

Earlier this year the group participated in the Swedish version of Eurovision, and won their sub-competition and went straight to the finals where they ended up placing third! With ‘Six Feet Under’ selling platinum in Sweden in less than 12 weeks and national radio picking up on the track, SMASH announced they are going to continue the story of ARCADIA. In April of 2023, they released the first episode ‘The Tide’. Now the time has come for the group to follow up the recent success with the second episode of the third ARCADIA season.. ‘FLOW’!