Transform Images into 3D Worlds With Hiber’s Latest AI

Google Next Reveal Shows Results of Collaboration Between Hiber and Google Cloud to Enable 3D World Creation with Image Prompts with SkyScape AI.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden – April 11, 2024 – Today at Google Cloud Next ‘24 in Las Vegas, Hiber unveils SkyScape AI, a tool designed to turn static images into immersive 3D skyboxes, marking a new step in 3D world creation.

SkyScape AI, which is currently in alpha, has been developed in partnership with Google Cloud and is powered by Gemini models through Vertex AI. It automatically turns any image into an interactive 3D world which can then be explored and built upon, while instantly connecting to a network of almost 6 million worlds.

“Hiber’s vision is to provide escapism through creative possibilities along with the possibility to visit any place, imaginary or real. With this we are one step closer to that vision and dare I say one step closer to the holodeck.” said Mattias Johansson, Co-founder and CIO at Hiber.

Having released the World Creator AI earlier this year, Hiber continues to deliver on its AI 

feature roadmap, all of which will be housed within the Hiber3D Co-Pilot™ tool-kit. The step by step release of this AI tool-kit bolsters Hiber’s mission to democratize 3D world creation for the masses. To date the company has tackled this challenge with its creator tools – the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK), a coding toolkit for the millions of React developers and professionals around the world, and a no-code tool for consumers, which has resulted in almost 6 million 3D worlds created on the UGC hub HiberWorld. Supporting these creator tools is the lightweight Hiber3D game engine which has the power to target any device with a web browser, with an in-built set of services for creators.

For the past few months users have been able to access the World Creator AI in alpha on the HiberWorld platform. The tool was released to all users in January, following a period in pre-alpha when over 10,000 early access members signed up for the opportunity to test and give feedback on the technology. The World Creator AI now contributes to 5% of all published worlds on HiberWorld, and over 70 thousand prompts have been entered. 

Now, with the release of SkyScape AI, Hiber is offering everyone the opportunity to test its static image to skybox creator while in alpha. 

“We are inviting our community to guide our innovation. With SkyScape, we’re not just iterating on technology; we’re co-creating the future of digital environments and we believe that early feedback will redefine what’s possible,” said Mattias Johansson, Co-founder and CIO at Hiber.Try SkyScape AI today, and join a community that is shaping the future of 3D world creation.