Metaverse platform HiberWorld set for major upgrade with new cross-platform 3D engine and Web3 tech

Hiber’s UGC Metaverse Platform Offers Creators No Code Co-Creation, Improved Graphics and Frictionless Access via Mobile Devices and Web Browsers

February 3, 2022 – Hiber announced that its Metaverse platform HiberWorld is about to undergo a major upgrade with the rollout of a proprietary, lightweight yet powerful, next generation 3D engine as well as use of Web3 technology to give creators and their communities new opportunities.

The platform’s unique 3D engine offers significantly improved graphics and performance, real time co-creation where users can collaborate and play together, and a whole new experience that makes no-code creation fun and accessible to the masses via browsers as well as Apps. Through the use of Web3 technology the platform will, amongst other things, support digital ownership and enable interoperability, where holders of NFTs from partners can unlock and use their assets on HiberWorld.

Apple iPhone users in New Zealand, Australia, and The Philippines are the first to be able to try the new platform which is downloadable in these initial rollout countries via the App Store.

Over the coming weeks, the company plans to rollout the new experience on the web at replacing the initial version that has been in testing for around two years.  To date, the community has made more than two million virtual worlds, which already makes HiberWorld one of the largest Metaverse platforms today.

Additional device platforms are scheduled to roll out over the coming months as the company delivers on its goals of bringing creation and the Metaverse to everyone through an open, frictionless no-code experience.

“We believe the Metaverse, just like the Internet, inherently needs to be open, accessible and free for everyone to participate in and express their creativity without any barriers,” said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber AB. “That’s why we have built a web and mobile first, no-code platform that removes all the friction and utilizes Web3 technology to enable interoperability and support digital ownership. We believe the HiberWorld platform has the potential to power hundreds of millions of interconnected virtual worlds, opening the Metaverse to the masses.”

“HiberWorld gives users a new medium with which to create 3D experiences and instantly publish and share them, each becoming a distinct and unique virtual world and presence in the Metaverse,” said Johan Peitz, Chief Product Officer of Hiber AB. ‘’As we roll out the platform over the coming months, we will be announcing a number of partners that will extend both the utility of the platform, and show how we are embracing interoperability and Web3.”