Multiplayer Made Easy with Hiber3D’s Out-of-the-Box Solution

Published by Jonas Tageman, Director of Technology at Hiber

Multiplayer gaming is a challenge for developers, with synchronization, latency, and network stability posing the greatest hurdles. However, Hiber3D is disrupting the development landscape by offering out-of-the-box multiplayer features that greatly simplify the creative process.

At Hiber, we believe that web-based gaming and multiplayer go hand in hand. Sure, you can create immersive single-player games, but why not utilize the fact that the player is already dialed into the web? We also believe that most game developers would prefer to focus on the actual game rather than bother with all the hurdles listed above.

Simplifying Multiplayer Development with Hiber3D

Hiber3D addresses these challenges head-on by providing built-in multiplayer support. This allows developers to focus on game design and player engagement rather than building the foundations, making it one of the quickest ways to get a multiplayer game up and running.

The Hiber3D Development Kit ensures that even a creator with limited coding knowledge can get up and running quickly without needing to delve into complex code.

1. Focus on Core Gameplay Mechanics

Whether you want to create a compelling game or move fast with delivering value to a client, time wasted on plumbing is probably better spent elsewhere. Use that time to solidify the core mechanics of your game, ensuring that the basic gameplay is engaging and enjoyable. A strong foundation will make for more compelling multiplayer interactions.

2. Optimized for Performance

Multiplayer games require smooth and responsive gameplay to keep players engaged. Bandwidth costs time and money, and lag is the universal killer of joy. We make sure that your creation gets that low-latency a competitive shooter needs, or the low bandwidth that is more efficient for a social experience. Let the experts be experts. You most certainly create better games than us, but our net code is the Koenigsegg of the video game industry – cleverly engineered, incredibly fast, and setting performance benchmarks.

3. Implement Fair Play Mechanics

Balancing is crucial in multiplayer games. Ensure that all players have a fair chance of winning, that no single strategy dominates the gameplay, and that no-one can use unfair means to win or get unbeatable scores. But cheaters are gonna cheat! That’s why we have a server authoritative solution and also provide you with the tools to sanitize and check all winning conditions.

4. Encourage Social Interaction

Multiplayer games thrive on social interaction. Incorporating features that encourage players to communicate and collaborate is key. Hiber3D comes with in-game chat, team-based objectives, and competitive leaderboards. We also support matchmaking that elevates these experiences, making sure that the players want to engage again and again.

5. Regularly Update and Maintain

Multiplayer games are living games. The gaming community expects ongoing support and updates. Regularly release patches and updates to fix bugs, introduce new content, and respond to player feedback. This not only improves the game but also helps build a loyal player base that returns regularly. For the game, you most definitely want to fine-tune it and make sure that it’s patched up and as close to perfect as you can get it. However, security patching the backend and game server is not only boring but also tedious and time consuming, and it might  require a skill-set you need to obtain elsewhere. That’s why you should leave that to us.

Focus on the game, let us do the rest.


Hiber3D’s out-of-the-box multiplayer is a significant boon for any game developer looking to move fast and retain quality. By eliminating the hassle of managing complex networking code, you can focus on what truly matters: creating well planned, engaging, and enjoyable games. Put simply, with the best practices and support provided by Hiber3D, you can create web-based multiplayer games with unparalleled ease that keep players coming back.

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