Co-Pilot™ FAQ

1) What is Hiber3D Co-Pilot™? 

Hiber3D Co-Pilot™ is a generative AI toolkit, housing multiple iterative tools designed to create interactive experiences, all of which are prompted with natural language.

We will roll the full range of Hiber3D Co-Pilot™ out progressively, with each new feature undergoing Alpha testing.

2) What features are available to try out now?

The World Creator - our text to 3D world tool, is out now. It was made available to al users in January 2024, following a period in pre-alpha when over 10,000 early access members signed up for the opportunity to test and give feedback on the technology. The World Creator now contributes to 5% of all published worlds on HiberWorld, and over 70 thousand prompts have been entered. Try it now

The second release is SkyScape - our image to 3D world tool, which is currently in Alpha. SkyScape has been developed in partnership with Google Cloud, is powered by Gemini models through Vertex AI. It automatically turns any image into an interactive 3D world which can then be explored and built upon, while instantly connecting to a network of almost 6 million worlds. Learn more

3) How should I use the World Creator?

A - Using descriptive language, prompt the AI to generate an environment.

B - Iterate until you are satisfied with the result of the base environment.

C - Then manually add and edit items in the world.

D - Note that at this stage a new prompt will overwrite the current world and any edits that you have made to it.

4) How should I use the SkyScape?

A - Upload any Image to prompt the AI to generate an environment.

B - Iterate until you are satisfied with the result of the base environment.

C - Click to open in HiberWorld. Then using our create tool manually add and edit items in the world.

5) I typed in X and the AI World Creator gave me Y. What’s up with that?

The AI World Creator is in Alpha, so we know there are going to be a lot of words that the AI doesn’t understand yet. Over time, this will become less apparent as we build a larger set of data from which to work. The AI's interpretations of words or prompts, influenced by its training data and the specific model used, can also differ from human perception due to its unique processing approach.

6) Can I edit an environment after the World Creator has generated it?

You have two main options for altering your world. First, you can modify your initial prompt to generate new versions of the world, such as changing a world with large trees to one with large rocks. Alternatively, you can manually customize your world, editing existing items, adding your own items, and altering the skybox. However, it's important to note that any manual edits you make will be lost if you then use a prompt.

7) Why can’t I add individual items with the AI World Creator

The AI solution that we have in place now creates a world with an environment. Adding objects with certain settings and characteristics is a complex task which is being developed as another feature of the Hiber3D Co-Pilot™, namely, the AI Object Creator. It is in development and is upcoming for external Alpha testing. In the meantime you can use our asset browser to add items manually.

8) When will the full feature range of the Hiber3D Co-Pilot™ be publicly released?

After gathering feedback from Alpha testing at each release phase, we'll refine the tool to enhance its accuracy in delivering the desired outcomes. Once these optimization phases are completed, we will release the tool.

9) Who owns the 3D art used in the AI worlds?

We collaborate with external partners for certain elements like skyboxes in our 3D worlds while ensuring all usage is fully authorized and compliant with our agreements. Apart from that, Hiber owns and has created all of the 3D art and objects that underlie the AI products.

10) How much does it cost to use Hiber3D Co-Pilot™?

Currently, it’s free. At some point in the future, we intend to introduce a business model.

11) Does the interface recognize languages other than English?

Yes, please feel free to try different languages.

Hiber3D Co-Pilot™ is a trademark of Hiber AB, with all rights reserved, © 2024.