Gothenburg Island Festival Launches in HiberWorld

This week, the Gothenburg Island Festival has launched in HiberWorld, inviting visitors from around the world to take part in Gothenburg’s Jubilee celebrations.

This initiative is part of Gothenburg’s 400-year celebration and Kulturkalaset (the city’s annual, sustainable, sprawling summer festival). It is a result of Goteborg & Co’s vision to create an event that acknowledges the city’s rich history, vibrant present, and promising future.

Goteborg & Co joined forces with creative agency KOKOKAKA and Hiber to bring this vision to life. Drawing inspiration from Gothenburg’s unique Ringön district, KOKOKAKA worked with the Hiber3D tech stack to craft a digital counterpart to Ö-Festen – Ringön’s annual block party, now in its 6th year. 

At Ringön, an intriguing blend of old industries and emerging businesses creates a unique buzz – think lively breweries, thrift stores, and bustling studios. The team at KOKOKAKA used the Hiber3D Development Kit to create a network of interconnected 3D worlds, each representing a counterpart at Ringön… but with a twist, of course. The result is a multifaceted feast for the senses! KOKOKAKA succeeded in creating an equally exciting virtual experience filled with oddities and surprises, allowing visitors from all over the globe to get a taste of Gothenburg’s unique culture.

“Hiber3D is an amazing framework for building 3D websites. Finally there is an easy way to build immersive experiences on the web. By combining 3D with video, music and gamification you can communicate in a much richer way than on a flat web page.” – Jimmy Herdberg, KOKOKAKA Creative Studio

The Gothenburg Island Festival is now live in HiberWorld until September 3rd, 2023. Discover art exhibitions, interviews, poetry, live-streamed performances from Ö-Festen, competitions, and mini-games.