HiberWorld Hits 5 Million World Milestone

The Accomplishment Marks A Major Acceleration In The Number of Creators Using Hiber3d Tools To Publish Online Virtual Worlds

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Aug 23, 2023 – Hiber AB, the company behind the Hiber3D tech stack, today announced that they have surpassed the 5 million world milestone on their creator hub, HiberWorld.

Having passed 1 million worlds in May 2021, this new milestone marks massive growth over the past two years in terms of monthly users and the number of people using HiberWorld’s no-code creator tool to craft a wide array of virtual worlds, ranging from 3D hangouts, challenges, interactive festivals, roller coasters, art showcases, and more. All of these worlds can be embedded directly onto any website outside of the HiberWorld platform to leverage a site’s audience and traffic while simultaneously connecting to HiberWorld’s global online community.

This 5 million world milestone signals that Hiber is progressing in its mission to accelerate the adoption of the 3D web by lowering the barriers to participation. 

Over the past few months, the company has begun rolling out its Hiber3D Development Kit, an additional creation tool, catering to the millions of coders and React Developers worldwide and further broadening the opportunities for anyone to engage with 3D world creation on the web.

The Hiber3D tech stack has caught the attention of brands looking to expand their virtual presence and invest in their innovation roadmap. In July of this year, the luxury fashion label Tommy Hilfiger chose Hiber3D to create Tommy Parallel – an interoperable virtual universe for its community. The experience was hosted on HiberWorld and was also embedded directly on the Tommy Parallel website. The Tommy Parallel world featured a phygital fashion collection designed by The Fabricant and invited users to explore the space with Ready Player Me avatars styled in Tommy Hilfiger wearables. Over the course of the first month, visitors to the experience on HiberWorld spawned over 1.2 million Tommy Parallel digital wearables when entering the space.

Fashion brands are not the only ones extending their marketing to the virtual space using Hiber3D. Between 2022 and 2023, Hiber rolled out collaborations with the music NFT platform anotherblock, lifestyle brand iamrunbox, rock group Smash Into Pieces, and the influencer agency DIA, bringing immersive experiences to a wide range of digital communities. Hiber continues to collaborate closely with the interoperable avatar platform Ready Player Me, allowing all communities to move between experiences with personalized digital identities.

“The acceleration in world creation on HiberWorld is a direct result of the continued efforts of the team at Hiber to improve and innovate with the Hiber3D creator tools and components,” said Michael Yngfors, Co-Founder and CEO of Hiber AB. “The 5 million world milestone is also a testament to our highly engaged and creative community who take the tools we roll out, and use them to push the boundaries of their imaginations in 3D. We are gearing up to deliver new advancements in 2023 and are already looking towards our next milestone.”

This month, Hiber is set to unveil an integration with generative AI in collaboration with Datatonic and Google Cloud at Google Next on August 31st. This project aims to further open access to 3D creation possibilities for the online community, further bolstering Hiber’s long standing mission.