Hiber Launches Touch Creation Mode

With the Majority of Gen Z Interacting with Content Via Mobile, Touch Devices, Hiber Brings Game Creation Tools to the Masses.

October 22, 2019 – Hiber AB announced the release of the beta version of Touch Creation Mode for its HiberWorld game creation platform, allowing people with a mobile touch device to create games from the palm of their hand, anywhere. The new Touch Creation Mode is available now from almost any browser on touch devices at: www.hiberworld.com

Previously, games on HiberWorld needed to be created using a desktop computer, however the fast-growing platform has seen up to 90 percent of its user base accessing the site and games via mobile touch devices. The new mode extends the ability to create games to even more people around the world and makes game creation even more inclusive.

“Bringing intuitive creation tools to the creator generation, on their hardware platform of choice has been a major goal for the team,” said Mattias Johansson, Chief Creative Officer of Hiber AB. “We were already seeing very cool, fun, and exciting games being built on HiberWorld when it was limited to personal computers, but now, we expect the number of HiberWorld creators to explode dramatically.”

“What we are building is more than a game platform,” said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber AB. “We’re giving people another way to communicate and express themselves through games.” With HiberWorld, people don’t need to know how to code in order to become a creator. They just need an idea for a game, and the passion to build it. Anyone can make even more complex games if they have programming skills, but HiberWorld is for everyone, regardless of their skill set. Currently, Hiber has a beta version released, and a roadmap for some pretty jaw-dropping tools that will truly expand the opportunity for creating games and entertainment, while allowing for more complexity as well, all in a browser.