Hiber Launches New Shooter Game and In-Game Chat With Friends

Growing Social Games Platform Will Soon Let Players Use the New Multiplayer Features and Assets in Their Own Creations.

April 2, 2020 – Hiber AB announced that it has released the Hiber Shooter, a free-to-play third-person shooter game featuring drones. The new arena shooter offers a new genre of games for players on the HiberWorld platform. The company also released Chat With Friends, a new social feature allowing community members that are friends on the platform to start private games that allow them to text chat in real-time while sharing multiplayer game experiences. Both features have been popular requests of the community and reflect Hiber’s goal to deliver a social platform that enables a generation to express themselves through games.

“Chat, the shooter genre, and the enhanced multiplayer experience are all part of providing a rich social experience where our community can create and play on their mobile devices, or desktop PCs without the need to code,” said Michael Yngfors, CEO and Co-founder of Hiber AB. “The team has listened to our growing audience and delivered. We’re constantly tuning the experience and listening to our creators and players so we can keep enhancing their experience and enjoyment on our platform.”

Previously, HiberWorld featured tens of thousands of games made by the community from the platform game genre as well as obstacle courses and hide-n-seek maps. But the expansion to new genres has been in the works for many months and now players can experience the first few maps of the shooter. As players help beta test the underlying Game Kit on which the Hiber Shooter is built, Hiber is gathering feedback so it can release all the assets and game logic for the community to build new shooter games, maps and worlds.

As the new features are rolled out, there are also new avatars being released which players can unlock by earning XP in the shooter game arenas.