Hiber Partners With Ready Player Me to Bring Selfie-Based 3D Avatars to the HiberWorld Platform

Players with Customized Avatars Can Explore the Metaverse via HiberWorld

Hiber – the creator of HiberWorld, an open, free-to-use metaverse platform – today announced their partnership with 3D avatar metaverse platform Ready Player Me. Through this joint venture, Ready Player Me’s millions of users can now utilize their customizable 3D avatars in the user-created virtual landscapes of HiberWorld.

HiberWorld allows users to seamlessly create games and experiences across millions of connected worlds on their desktop computers and mobile devices. The latest collaboration with Ready Player Me will allow users to explore new environments in the metaverse under one identity and create virtual experiences for their avatars. In addition, they will be able to immerse themselves in the platform’s various worlds and games including 3D hangouts, challenges, interactive science museums, roller coasters, art showcases, and more.

Ready Player Me provides users with a system to create custom 3D avatars by simply taking a selfie and allows further enhancement options through accessorizing with virtual wearables. After previously establishing more than 2,500+ partnerships with companies including VRChat, Somnium Space, Spatial, and The Nemesis, Ready Player Me has become an established metaverse platform. This includes closing a Series A funding round of $13 million for further global expansion at the end of 2021. Earlier this year, the avatar platform closed an additional round of funding, bringing their total raised to $22.5 million. 
“From the minute we sat down with our friends at Ready Player Me, we recognized how appealing their customized avatars could be in our HiberWorld. This integration creates a unique and dynamic metaverse experience,” said Hiber CEO, Michael Yngfors.

Ready Player Me CEO, Timmu Tõke added, “We have always valued the power of creativity and we love that now, with this integration, users have the ability to create their own Ready Player Me personal avatars and bring them into a world they have created themselves or into a number of other virtual experiences created by HiberWorld users.”