Hiber Unveils Hiber3D Empowering Web Developers to Accelerate the Next Generation of the Web

Introducing Hiber3D and HDK (Hiber3D Development Kit), a Tech Stack and Developer Kit to Enable Brands, Artists, Creators, and Developers to Build a Virtual 3D Web Presence Easily and Quickly 

Gothenburg, Sweden – May 17th, 2023 – Hiber, the company behind the popular virtual experience platform HiberWorld, has opened access to Hiber3D, a tech stack designed to accelerate the adoption of the 3D web by opening it up for the largest community of developers in the world to easily create interconnected virtual worlds and publish them anywhere.

Hiber3D is powered by one of the smallest yet powerful 3D engines available in the market at less than 5MB, making it compatible across all major mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers, as well as native apps, PCs, and consoles. The platform features easy-to-use creator tools that cater to all levels of expertise, including a no-code tool for consumers and the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK) for the 17M+ worldwide web development community, which launched today.

Hiber3D provides creators with access to an extensive 3D asset library and a set of out-of-the-box services, including multiplayer, character controls, chat, customizable avatars from Ready Player Me, Web3 rails, payment rails, and commerce connections, giving them what they need to easily build, manage, and monetize their own virtual presence on the 3D web. 

Leveraging Hiber3D’s embed feature, creators can build on their most valuable virtual real estate, their website, and consumers can interact with brands through embedded 3D experiences without leaving the sites they’re familiar with. Creators can simultaneously connect their worlds to the HiberWorld platform to leverage the growing community, where Hiber3D has enabled the creation of almost 5 million virtual experiences through its no-code creation tool.

Hiber3D has already been put to effective use by its partners, including anotherblock and iamrunbox, who created captivating brand experiences that were directly integrated into their websites. 

”Our collaboration with Hiber confirmed the power of embracing immersive experiences to engage with our customers and bring our brand to life,” said Ida Malm of iamrunbox. “With seamless integration into our website during a major campaign, the process was remarkably straightforward. Moreover, linking this experience to HiberWorld opened up a whole new audience for us, expanding our reach.”

Hiber is planning to announce several major brand partnerships in the coming months, with a strong emphasis on commerce and web3 as key areas of focus for its continued growth and development.

“With Hiber3D, we’re giving creators of all skill levels the tools they need to build, manage, and monetize their own virtual presence on the emerging 3D web,” said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber. “With open access to the full suite of browser-based technology, we believe Hiber3D is set to accelerate the adoption of the 3D web and usher in a new era of immersive 3D experiences.”

Hiber3D is now available to developers and professionals looking to participate in the 3D web through the HDK